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Why Bedouin Soap Opera?

Here at Bedouin Soap Opera – Best Natural Organic Handmade Artisan Soap Bars And Online Shop to ensure quality control at the highest level, all our products are made in small batches. Each batch is unique and one of a kind just like our customers, we hope you enjoy our products, and that we meet your expectations always.

Abu Masood

The men in your life deserve a luxury masculine soap. Uniquely created with kaolin clay which effectively treats rashes and reduces irritation. The captivating black and white marbled effect make it especially ideal for gifting to a male friend, colleague, or relative. 

With the perfect combination of natural ingredients, the Abu Masood bar leaves your skin squeaky clean and moisturized

Handmade Soap for Men
Sun Soap

Bedouin Sun

Bathing with our bedouin sun soap is like taking a dive into a lemon. Boasting an ultra-refreshing lemon scent, our bedouin sun soap is the perfect combination of the beautiful colors of the water and the sun-ranging from orange-yellow to purple-blue. Its gorgeous colors are sure to provide an instant mood lift while its natural properties will support healthy and happy skin. 



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